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Pitts S-1C in Oklahoma

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Oct 21, 2022
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Posting for a buddy of mine, this is the first Pitts I was considering when I started my search a couple months ago (I ended up with an S-1S). Really pretty S-1C with a stretched fuselage....I think it's one of the later model fuselages, I'm 6'1" and this plane fits me the same as my S. Has about 500hrs on the airframe, and just over 780hrs on engine. Engine is an O-290-G4. Aircraft was re-covered and refreshed in 1998, airframe sandblasted and epoxy painted. Appears to have had a top end overhaul at that time as well, according to logs, at 526 hours engine time. MGL V10 comm, Garmin GTX 327 transponder, MGL Xtreme engine monitor, PTT button on the stick. The paint and fabric is beautiful. There's a spot on the top left wing that should probably be checked out, and three small areas (maybe quarter size) on the fuselage where the paint is cracking. Otherwise, I couldn't find any other flaws. I've looked over the aircraft myself in some detail, happy to discuss my own findings and share additional pics and details. Current condition inspection. Aircraft is based in Seminole Oklahoma (KSRE). He's asking $34,900.



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