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May 12, 2008
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I have noticed by looking at acrosports and in pictures, that the torque tubes for the alierons are exposed from the rear stick both left and right. I've also noticed the rear seat rudder peddals are directly on each side of the front seat.

It seems like this is a POTENTIAL safety hazard. It seems like having these exposed could allow some debris (pencils etc) or the front seat belts or the front occupants rear end from interfering of blocking the controls. If this happens in flight there is no way you could ever reach down to get it free.

Has anyone ever thought of putting an aluminum (or clear lexan) shield over the torque tubes and box out the rudder peddals to prevent any interference or blockage potential? I realize a shield is not a 100% cure but it seems to me that it would help reduce the risk.

Or am I just paranoid?

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