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remote cont trol of elect. power by phone


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May 20, 2010
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This weekend my Pitts S1S got its private telephone number!

After checking the weatherduring breakfast, I dialthe cellphone number of my super toy and the RPU-FA2 energy system immediatly switches on to charge my battery up to 100% and to pre-heat the engine oil. The system returns a SMS (text message)to my phone to inform me it has started up. One hour (or more,adjustable)later I receive another SMS text messagefrom the system, telling me that it has switched off and is in the Standby mode, waiting for me toclimb on board. This new system allows me to continue my training flights during the often wet and cold winter seasonin Western Europe.

The system has a secured communicationbetween the GSM-moduleof my Pitts and my own cellphone. Nobody else has access to the switching actionsof the module. My flight technician specifically developed this system for high performance aircraft that operate under wet and cold conditions.

The new RPU-FA2controls two functions and a FA4-system is presently under development for bigger aircraft todehumifiy the cabinand instrument panel. If you would like to receive more information on this system, the tests and the specifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My flight technician asked me to take care of the marketing of this new system and off course I agreed to assist him. If you feel there is a market for this system within your aero clubor at your regional airport, please assist with the sales. First reactions here in The Netherlands were very positive, even from the world of boat cruisers and sailing yachts, where battery capacity and dehumidification adds to safety and comfort on board. Nevertheless, I feel very proud to be to owner of a Pitts Special S1S with a private telephone number! Thank you for your attention and enjoy your flights, kind regards, Wouter ter Reehorst

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