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S-2A Sky-Tech starter install

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Oct 20, 2022
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Reno, Nevada
I had my new Sky-Tec starter installed today. My S-2A s/n 2044 does not have a split nose bowl so the prop had to be removed to gain access to it. The oil cooler had to be moved about a quarter inch outboard to clear the starter and a longer starter cable was fabricated. The starter solenoid by the rear seat looks pretty old so I'm thinking a new replacement might be good preventative maintenance. I haven't looked up the part number yet but I would think Aircraft Spruce would be a source for it. Any upgrades available for that solenoid? Best supplier? Any install do's and don'ts? It' been pretty cold here in Reno but with the twin hornet 22 engine heater from Aircraft Spruce my oil temperature stays between 45-52 degrees. I'm approaching any minor maintenance in terms of a restoration. Those famous aviation four words, "while you're at it". New starter, new starter power cable, new battery, so "while you're at it" new solenoid next. I applied for a N number change back in October and lo and behold the FAA authorization letter approving the change came in after only about two and a half months, so a trip to the local FSDO to get the new airworthiness certificate as soon as I can get an appointment. "While you're at it " I plan on reserving the original N number in case someone ever wants to return it to that original N number, ( it won't be me ). I've got a Garmin 225 Com radio enroute and I've about run out of immediate need items. On the short list is a brake caliper relocation. Just love this Pitts and being based at the Reno-Stead airport!


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