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Stall Speeds and How to put it Down?

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Jul 7, 2008
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Hello All!
New to this forum. Great place, wonderfull wealth of information.
Just acquired a Bolt, 915HW if anybody's heard of it. Workmanship seems great (my mechano wanted to go loop it right after inspection, no hesitation!)

Very excited to fly it, although a bit nervous. I am getting used to the see nothing - fly everything approach. The one part I find a bit tough, is to puther down at 80mph. She stalls at 67mph, and since I am just getting to know her, I bring her down at 90 on final and flare at 80. I find it very fast (considering I just sold my 40mph stalling Skywagon).

My Skybolt has the 180hp.

It this 67mph stall speed normal or should I check for something wrong? I saw on the Steen AeroLab website numbers in the 50-55mph with a 200hp. But are these numbers realistics? Which ones are right?

Thanks for your help!



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