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Torque specs or what?

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Aug 26, 2006
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Hi All,

I have been studying the Skybolt plans and builder's web sites for some time, and I have the EAA books on aircraft building, but I have yet to see any definitive info about torque specs for the various fittings bolted onto the wooden wings. Also, the spar attach bolts seem to be extra critical, but likewise there doesn't seem to be published info(that I can find)on how tight to make the attachments. Another critical bolted part is the I-strut, and I cringe when I think abouttightening up the streamline wires! I have always looked for and used publishedtorque specs when working on my car projects, but that kind of info seems to be lacking for homebuilt aircraft!

I can't believe the plans do not even hint at how tight to make the final assembly. This is way in the future for me, but it has been bugging me eversince I first started seriously considering this project. Is this information part of "biplane lore" that you find out when you get there, or am I missing something? Anybody else out there think something is missing?

Do the McKenzie newsletters cover this?


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