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Wolf S1S - Arlington

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Guido Lepore

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Jul 2, 2007
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OK, I had a close look at the S1S Steve Wolf modified for his wife Kathy. Here's some pictures from Arlington.

The plane has a Lycoming 360, parallel valve 180 hp, Bendix fuel injection - bottom mounted into a stock sump. Exhaust is a stainless crossover 2 into 2. Steve said the engine had been gone over and about the only thing he'd done was bump the compression to about 9.5 to 1 with different pistons. I asked about the sump/exhaust and he said that the cowling setup was designed for the forward facing injector and cold air induction but that the exhaust the plane had was almost new and he decided to stick with it. Cowling still fits, the bottom of the injector body has a shallow pan that receives ducted air from near the prop.

The cowling is actually made for a constant speed prop, and to get the fixed pitch to the right distance he had to install one of Van's RV prop extensions. This allows the cowling to be a little more "pointed" than it would be for the fixed pitch setup. Probably a tradeoff with the lighter composite prop. The spinner is a 13" but closer to 14" would look a tad better.

He got rid of the Christen wobble pump, instead has a firewall mounted electric pump and a remote (control just in front of the throttle) fuel shutoff valve. Said it cleaned up the floor. If you look at the picture of dash you'll see that he's moved it back agout 4 inches (he says its about the same distance from a pilot's face as the S2.Dynon EFIS works really cool.

Dynon EFIS, smoke system, Microair Radio and Xponder, he decided the little B&C vacuum pad alternator wasn't quite enough so he added the v-belt driven B&C alternator to the front of the engine.

We talked about a few other things that don't come to mind, so if you have any questions or want more pictures let me know. Here's a sample:


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