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Cnverting to the three-piece upper wing

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Aug 18, 2006
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Hey there -

My Firebolt project has the single-piece 24-foot wing configuration...the upper spars are already made up and the cabanes are welded to the fuselage. Looking at the options listed on the Steen website, I gather I'm looking at cutting up my upper spars and removing and re-welding the cabanes to accomodate a center section upper wing. (I've seen the pics posted on this website of an example Skybolt with this mod.)

Question for the group: should I be contacting Steen for a revised set of wing drawings to work from for this task? I am pretty sure I like the idea of not having to move that one-piece upper wing around, the extra fuel, and the better visibility through the revised cabanes. I figure now is the time to make this decision before I start building wings.

I know everyone has been wondering when this San Diego-based Firebolt will start coming together. I think the planets are starting to alignfor me. I've finished my Powerplant rating and am done with night school and am beginning to get antsy. Also planning to set up a workshop in my home garage, where I can spend a couple hours a night on this project without having to hoof it in traffic to the airport.

I'm also spendingtimereading the Builder's Manual and have to hand it to Randy and the crew - it reads wonderfully and I am finding it very useful.

More later,


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