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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
I am eventually going to have to make tapered, compound curved fairings to fit between my sliding canopy rails and the coaming that will be attached to and slide with the canopy. Nuclear physics and composites are a couple of my weaker subjects so please give me all the help you can think up.

I have glassed some small fairings and wing butt's but nothing complicated. I would like light weight, strong and to be able to make them look as much like metal as possible. I am assuming foam bulk fillers covered with modeling clay for the final shape and covered with a couple coats of spray release agents before the layup. I am considering carbon fiber for strength and weight but know nothing about it. If whatever I use works well I will probably do the canopy to turtle deck fairing with it also.

Please forward all the possible info starting with the bulk filler materials right through filling the finished cloth weave to look like metal as it will all probably go right into the builders manual along with photo's of my stuck together hands :))

Thank you

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