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Fuel Tank Construction

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Aug 18, 2006
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Here are some pics of the Mackenzie designed fuel tank.


Upper tank end panel shaped over one of the same formers that I used to clamp the upper wrapper. I trimmed the former down about .050" all the way around to allow for the thickness of the aluminum. The plans call for a 3/8" flange on the sides and top. Making the flange any bigger than this will cause it to wrinkle up more as you bend it around the curves. So keep it at 3/8". Notice that I still had to cut some pie shaped pieces out at the severe corners.


Clamping the wrapper around the 4 formers to give it its initial shape. I made the 2 bottom bends on my brake.


Notice that there are no bolts in the formers now. I took the formers out, unbolted them and re-clamped everything to tack weld the wrapper. If you leave the bolted formers inside when you tack weld, you'll never get them out. Don't ask me how I know this.


Even with the wrapper tack welded, it loses some of its shape when the inside formers are removed, so I made 2 female formers to hold the shape while I do the rest of the work.


The baffles aren't yet riveted in place, but they fit nicely.


The sump wrapper was bent on my Harbor Freight brake. I will tack weld it once I cut the hole for the flop tube bung. I leave the protective plastic on the alum until I weld it.


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