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Kinner Starduster

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Oct 13, 2009
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I have a few questions for you Starduster gurus... I'm an IA looking at a Kinner R-55 powered Starduster. The aircraft was built in the late 70's with 1966 plans, has none of the 'mandatory' radial engine or gear location mods. Fabric is ok but needs TLC as there are a bunch of rough areas. Gear was wiped out in a crash but repaired. Take offs and landings were restricted to 3-point due to prop clearance issues. Engine has been maintained by owner - no logs or history other than anecdotal. Minimal airframe log entries and hasn't flown in a couple of years. No electric.

I was planning to take the airplane apart and rebuild the Kinner and rejuv and paint the airframe, and add a radio. The big question is, can anyone predict.. after spending way more than what it will be worth... what a 160HP Kinner powered Starduster will fly like? Owner says it flies ok, but it only has 180hrs TT in 30 years... I happen to really like the look and am looking for a winter project but don't want to go through all this to end up with something that flies poorly. EW is 1080# and the original craftsmanship seems excellent.

Thanks to all for any guidance on radial powered Stardusters. Are the engine mount mods and gear relocation really necessary, as I'm really not interested in getting that far into a project.

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