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Over Complicating Things

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Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
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South Jersey
Sometimes us beginners tend to over think / over complicate things.
I've seen this quite a few times on some of the forums I'm on.

I'm not proposing to just do something for the helluva it. Have a question... throw it out to the guys on the forum and get a quick answer. Almost certain to be a lot easier than what we were thinking of. A lot of knowledge in them thar hills.

Case in point.

"I am beginning construction of the wooden wingtip method. My rear spars at the wingtip ends were cut exactly to theplans, therefore there is only about 2.25 inches of rear spar protuding through the end rib. Normally, a metal boot is fitted here for the metal wingtip method. This short 2.25 inch spar section does not appear to be very substancial to be gluing on the rear spar wood extensions as is commonly done in constructing the wood frame for the wingtip. I am wondering if there is any problem with splicing on some more spar length by the following procedure?

I propose doing this by cutting thin openings through the triangular gussets and ribs on each side of the rear spar. Being careful not to cut the capstrips. Then glue some one-eight inch thick plywood sheet doublers on
both sides of the rear spar. Have the doublers extend inward to the next rib and outward as far as practical to capture the added spar length.
Any other ideas would be appreciated."

Oldbie Builder of many planes
"Just cut the 2 1/4" stub at a horizontal angle, glue on the extra piece and plate both sides with plywood. I have done this and works fine."


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