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Random Fuselage Photos

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Aug 17, 2006
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Piqua, Ohio
Here's some fuselage photos of my project.

This is the walking beam a la Christen Eagle. Used .071 ears, would use .100 if I were to do it again. Has a captured bushing in the tube, therefore a 3/8" bolt (4" grip) with a locking nut.


Next is my battery mount. Holds a 35-size battery. Relay mounts right there, ground point next to it, easy access, etc. ELT mounted behind it on the cross tube. Have to angle the ELT to clear the pushrod tube.


And abottom view. Note used the reverser stop for a stringer mount.


One weight adding thing I couldn't do without. The smoke tank mount. Straps go across the top of the tank as well.


And the Weldon smoke pump...


Puttting electric trim in (comments?), here's the Menzimer S6 servo and mount. Mount also strong enough to serve as a weight mount if I need to put lead in the tail (horrors!) with my IO-540 and constant speed Hartzell prop on the nose.


Turtledeck mount. Sheet gets riveted to the countersunk standoffs, the cockpit sheet metal gets screwed to the nutplated standoffs. The aluminum coamingtube gets attached to the forward-facingtabs in a manner which isworked out on paper, but not fleshed out yet. Will have to make a bear of a special part to bolt it to the tab, but it will be sweet when finished.


Last shot as I was departing the shop. Gear legs.


Going to bed, 5:00 a.m. building time comes early.


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