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Canadian Acrosport 2 C-FLSE

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Sep 7, 2019
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London Ontario Canada
Hello All:
Attached are 8 photos of the Acrosport 2 Mods on C-FLSE.
Image 3247
Shows the right side of the fuselage with the modifications to better support the Grove Landing gear. The lower tube was replaced from station 1 to 3 and is 3/4" x 058" 4130. This tube passes through a 1" x 1.3/4"
rectangular tube which is the primary support for the gear. The truss network is all 3/4" x 049" above the lower longeron and a short vertical compression tube of 1/2 " x 058 is inline with the aft gear mounting bolt. At the bottom of station 2 going from left to right side the round 3/4 " tube has been replaced with a section of 1" x 1.3/4 " rectangular tube.
Above the gear the 1/4" fire suppression line to the engine and fuel tanks. A 1" crankcase vent is above that. Next is the Aluminum duct mount with Dynon engine module, harness and the ADSB receiver. Above and below the receiver is the electrical ducts.
Also you may see a rectangular hole between the N strut legs this allows access to aux fuel tank sender, roll wires. the Dynon transponder and voltage regulator.
Image 3255 a 3254
These photos show the instrument panel with Dynon Skyview touch , 2 com radios, Knob control , intercom, circuit breakers above the Dynon and various headset jacks and the USB connection. Main switches and CB's on the left side ,Altimeter and fire control knob.
Image 3251,3264,3239.
The 3 photos show the back of the instrument panel with it's removable cover , electrical ducts. altimeter, static lines , Dynon backup battery, and the 2 Dynon com radios on the back side of the hinged access door. No more laying on the back to access anything.
Image 3248 and 3260
The last 2 photos are of the engine compartment. Lycoming IO-360A1A "O " time with Superior cylinders and cold air sump. Inverted oil system. Dynon sensors, Surefly ignition systems 2x. Large 10 Rowe oil cooler with 4" duct.
Home made Split carbon fiber nose bowel.
I will give you an update when the wings go on in 2 weeks.

Regards Paul Brooks
London Ontario


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