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Upper Aileron Print

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John Burnett

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Oct 8, 2006
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I am trying to lay out a fixture to build the upper Ailerons and I

can't make the numbers work. I drew it up using and trying to verify

what I think are the critical dimensions, ie the 57.750 over all length

and the locations of the hinge pockets, 8.500 and 11.000.

When I do this I get a *aligned* center to center distance of the pockets

at 33.100 vs the 33.000 that shows on the print. The 8.625 dimension

in the bottom view looks to be wrong also, I am thinking that that

dimension should be to the end of the spar and not to the end of the rib.

Here are a couple of pictures of my lower aileron jig and kind of a poor

pdf attempt of the upper aileron fixture drawing.

If anyone wants to cross check this I can output dwg or dxf files. I can

upload these or email them.


John Burnett



<a href="http://www.biplaneforum.com/uploads/20070725_162128_ailer&#111;n3.jpg" target="_blank">uploads/20070725_162128_aileron3.jpg



ps: On my lower view in the pdf I am dimensioning the spar only.



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