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W&B for dummies

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Apr 19, 2012
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Ok Gang,
After reading some of the W&B stuff regarding the S1-11B it got me thinking about mine.
Looking for insight from the engineers to explain for the not so learned about W&B.
Attached is the W&B for the SS101 listing Max forward @ 15.5" and max aft @ 21.1" with never exceed aft @ 26.6".
I'll admit to rushing and I used 26.6 as my most rearward when I started having parts built for FWF.
I've flown the airplane to 10 gallons(~21"), and though a bit pitchy, it did not exhibit any real instability. I've reset the boost tab and taken it to it's lowest setting. Still has plenty of effect.
Did my first in flight stall the other day and it was more of a mush than a break but upon adding power and neutral, was flying.
I intend to move the battery(Earth X) to the firewall this winter as well as add an oil filter. I also need to remove lard from my @ss! This should move things fwd a bit.
I haven't spun the airplane and will likely do that this weekend, yes from a high altitude(10K).

How much and what effect will I see spinning at the aft cg range?

I've spun most S1's and the 2B&C. Along with a lot of others, even aft on the Decat and Clipt T.
I understand it also makes snaps a challenge, as Robert stated about the 11 not wanting to do anything but a full snap at aft end. The CG range on the Pitts is like 4"? This thing has a huge range if allowed to go to the never exceed. Still has 5.5" to its aft limit.



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