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What do I do now?

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Sep 6, 2006
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Evening Folks,

Many reasons for going to S-n-F. Biggest reason was to pick up wing spars for the 'Bolt. There is more than just the spars. In the pile of junk also have all the wing fittings that I can think of, some duplicates, leading egde skin, trailing edges, drag/anti drag wires, plywood, interplane strut material(streamline tubing), and a box of plywood ribs.
Now my quandry. Stick with the plywood ribs and press on completing the lower right wing, and then the other two wings? Do I stay with the external flying wire fittings? Or tear down the right lower wing, save the spars, install built up ribs and go with internal flying wire fittings?
Looking through the SAL price list seems I have stumbled upon the plywood wing kit. Newspaper wrapped around some of the fittings dates this project from 1988 or there about. Later, Erich

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