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Zipster engine choices


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Jun 6, 2009
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As per a previous discussion on Zipster engine choices and it being determined that there where only 2 does anyone have any experiance with this engine from Sinominis. It seems to be popular with the flying kite guys.

<div id="overview" style="PADDING-RIGHT: 15px; PADDING-LEFT: 15px; : left; PADDING-BOTTOM: 15px; WIDTH: 260px; PADDING-TOP: 15px">
<h1>Mini 2S</h1>
The new Mini 2 S is the competition version of the famous Mini 2 Plus. We just developed this unique engine to increase the thrust even further with a slightly better fuel efficiency. We recommend this engine for the most demanding and experienced pilot.

</t><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="400">

<div align="left">Displacement (cm³)

<div align="right">202

<div align="left">Bore (mm)

<div align="right">66.4

<div align="left">Stroke (mm)

<div align="right">58

<td colspan="2">Compression Ratio

<div align="right">10.5/1

<td rowspan="3">
<div align="left">Power

<div align="center">Hp

<div align="right">30

<div align="center">kW

<div align="right">19

<div align="center">RPM

<div align="right">7,400

<td style="PADDING-RIGHT: 5px" colspan="2">Weight of the engine with:
exhaust, air filter, propeller

<div align="right">13 Kg /29 Lbs

<td colspan="2">Reductions Available:
<td valign="bottom" align="right">1:2.26, 1:2.3, 1:2.34, 1:2.42, 1:3</t>
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