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centersection tank

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Jan 3, 2007
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Hi all. I've been busy making up a centersection tank here. I'm hoping there are no glaring errors...but i'm going to duck my head and show you my work.

I started with a rib pattern and then made my upper and lower skins.
The picture shows the skins with an undersize oak form for the baffles and end-caps.


I made a pattern on deltacad and taped it to aluminum to cut out the blanks. I used a jigsaw..but a bandsaw would be better. I drilled relief holes in each corner before bending.


I bent the flanges 3 sides...then hammered the top curve over the oak form.

Flanges bent....i marked the tank inside and made up all the spanwise baffles.

Next i put some holes in the baffles ...2". There are also areas in the baffle corners where fuel can spill thru.

That done i put in a few clecos to keep things lined up. I used a string across the top baffles for alignment, along with a straight line on the tank bottom and a triangle to stand everything up straight.


The top still fits!


One more picture.

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