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SS wing mods pics

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Mar 29, 2008
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here's a link to some pics I took.


I just came up from hanging the first aileron so I'm a bit dazed since it's been such a long time to get to this.
As for the design, it's a bit nonstandard. I made the spar to be the full height of the aileron (that's an extra 1/2 inch in real spar structural dimensions!) and attached front and rear rib pieces as you'll see in the pics. The steel tube is doing double duty adding rigidity and weight while giving me somewhere to load additional balance weight.
There are triangular blocks at the top and bottom of the rear rib pieces reinforcing the attach point. The leading edge sheeting will wrap to the back of those pieces beyond the spar to capture the upper and lower rear capstrips and then get routed flush with the rear of the spar in between the ribs. Also, those capstrips have a 1/16" wide by 1/8" deep groove machined in them to accept the plywood webs kind of like an engineered I-joist in home construction.
It's a bit more complicated than building ribs and sliding them on but I really wanted to have the full height spar and two hinges yet didn't feel comfortable using the stock spar extended to a roughly 54" span.
I'm going to digest all of this before proceeding to build the other three ailerons. I believe I've got the kinks worked out but would appreciate any comments if they contribute to the evolution of things.

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